Product Design


Dunehaven Systems designs software and electrical hardware, specializing in the design of embedded systems and medical products.


  • Conceptual / system-level design
  • Embedded systems design (experience with many microcontroller types)
  • Analog design (A/D, D/A, low level sensing, signal processing)
  • Hearing aid systems
  • Bluetooth / Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Wi-Fi enabled embedded systems
  • Low power / low voltage circuit design
  • USB peripherals
  • Implantable medical devices
  • Pacing / defibrillation systems
  • Printed circuit board layout and prototyping

Completed Projects

Here are some of the projects I have completed. Please contact me if I can help you with your product development needs.

I designed an R/C (radio control) servo motor with integrated gyro for stabilizing camera platforms. This was the first servo with built-in gyro stabilization.

I designed a low cost 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer, consisting of a small USB-based circuit and Windows software. This design was featured in Circuit Cellar magazine.

Low cost hearing aid programmer using an AVR microcontroller.

I designed a low power wireless remote camera system. This project consisted of a remote controller capable of driving a pan/tilt platform, controlling a camera shutter release and sending real time video to a base unit.

I have designed a number of custom printed circuit boards for designs I have created. Shown is a sample of some of these boards.

Hardware and software design for an interface card for programmable hearing aids. Work included analog and digital design, embedded systems, C programming

Designed a motor controller for a sleep apnea device.

Designed the hardware and software for a web-based weather monitoring system. This includes an embedded system that acquires data and an Excel-based application in Windows to process and graph this data. Temperature and humidity are acquired. Also uses ultrasound to measure snow depth.

Designed a low cost circuit timer circuit for a disposable medical device.

Hardware and software design for a interface card for programmable hearing aids. This product became the industry standard portable programmer. Work included analog design, digital design, embedded systems, C programming.

Windows application software for a hearing aid programmer. This software is used by audiologists to program settings in hearing aids. I used Visual C++, MFC, DBase and NOAH in this project.

Digital design of implantable defibrillator. At the time of its introduction, this device was the smallest implantable defibrillator available. Tasks included 8051-based embedded system, FPGA prototyping, ASIC design, and low power design.

I also designed a telemetry interface used with a PC to program the implanted device. I served as engineer and project manager for this project as well as for a companion external defibrillator.

I also developed a prototype of a PDA-based system to program and control an implantable defibrillator via telemetry.

I was the lead electrical engineer on a programmable hearing aid system.

Application software for a handheld hearing aid programmer. This was the first commercial hearing aid programmer based on a handheld device.

Hardware design for an implantable drug pump programmer. This system was the first to utilize pharmacologically-based defibrillation.

Designed digital and analog hardware for a pacemaker programming system. Work included telemetry and ECG circuits.

Designed hardware and software for a doppler ultrasound blood flow monitor. This work involved analog design and embedded systems design using a DSP microcontroller and designing FFT algorithms and other signal processing functions.

Microprocessor hardware and software design of cockpit instrument to control and monitor aircraft inertial navigation system. Shortly after its introduction, this product captured 90% market share.

Designed hardware and software for aircraft flight director This was the first CRT-based cockpit display for commuter/business aircraft. This design used a custom processor and graphics controller.